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Sabri Koci

2020. december 01. - 19:44


I remember Sheikh Hafiz Sabri Koci (1921-2004) Grand Mufti of Albania in the 90’s. I met him in Istanbul in an Islamic Conference on the Balkan crisis in 1993. The Muslim leaders of Balkan and some observers from Islamic countries were present. I met in this occasion with Recep Tayyeb Erdogan who was actually the major of Istanbul.

Sabri Koci with mother Theresa

I heard in this conference speeches what differed in emotion and content depending on the characters of the speakers. Mufti of Sanjak from Montenegro was the most emotional one. As a young stallion he declared Jihad against Serbs and the whole world. His speech touched the young listeners due to its heat. The old people were just sitting. Sabri Koci that time was in his 70’s. He took his turn and said: “Leadership needs two things. First is braveness and the other is wisdom. Hereby we heard the voice of braveness.” This was the comment from the old Sabri Koci who spent 23 in prison during the time of the most anti-human communist regime of Enverhodja. As the case with Nelson Mandela, jail formed his character humanistic and wise.

At that time I lived in the space between Mufti of Sanjak and the old Sabri Koci, however today my balance went toward the latter one. We are not so much in number who think like the old Mufti. I can see the posted articles and videos on websites what recall me back the voice of the young titan.

Then Balkan war came what showed me the value of these young titans. The were like shits. They become dust and history pulls them down on the toilet. Mosques were full of this kind of Jihad declarers and as a result, mosques were blasted down. Since than I feel to vomit when I think of the internal atmosphere of that mosques. Imams with big face push their identity on the audience who are fed up with listening them however they are hypocrites as well so they must sit and should express how much are they interested in the speeches. Every imam is a mosque and every mosque is a prestige which means identity. Mosques pretend brotherhood between themselves however their imams and communities would drown each other in a spoon of water. Going upside in the hierarchy wrath increases and at the end of the day regions and lands where Muslim live create hostile mass of sects instead of being a peaceful Umma. Why is it all? It is because Satan settled inside their heart identity and prestige. For politicians it is a Paradise what they can manipulate!

For a Muslim doesn’t allowed to have identity! Even Mohammed (peace be upon him) didn’t have it. In Islam we have only taqwa (humbleness, piety, service, virtue) what excludes the existence of identity and prestige. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

„There is no Arab superior on Non-Arab and not White on Black except in terms of piety.” Only our virtue, piety can make up our values between ourselves and not the pride and boastfulness what can destroy our heart.

Here you are the difference between the pride and prestige of Mufti of Sanjak and the wise Sabri Koci.

I don’t visit mosques since that time. Maybe I am wrong. Allah is the only One who can judge me. I don’t wish to see a community who consider itself superior over others, who declare Jihad, where enemies are created, where emotions prevail content, where the aim is to reach to catharsis in order to strengthen the prestige of some individuals who refer to one and half billion Muslims.

I don’t visit mosques, too, because I don’t want to listen stupid subjects which are raised by Muslimas who were asking questions on Islam a year ago however they have become PhD-s of Islam after they got married with some Arabs. I am not able to argue with them because my researches, studies and four decades of my Islamic being cannot compete with the wisecracks of Ahmed or Yusuf.

So, I remain with my web which is my mosque where everybody can read me or make comments no matter, she/he is Muslim or not. It is how it worked at the time of Mohammed (peace be upon him). Mohammed (peace be upon him) was born in a particular circumstance and he didn’t make the circumstance to be subject of his faith! We all were born in particular circumstances. If we make up these circumstances to be the subject of faith I run away from this bullshit. I need those teachings what were revealed to Abraham and Mohammed (peace be upon them) what the old Sabri Koci made us remind.



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