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In the long run misery wins

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In the long run misery wins

2020. február 26. - 17:06


Anyhow, I am glad that China is devouring that swamp what we call culture, even though it is nothing more than the cremation of a once glowing star.

I am glad even if I know that the thing what China represents is a swamp, too. And I am pleased just the same way that the Indian, the Far East, and let me be proud, that also Islam is heard. I am glad not because I'm a counter-supporter and can't wait that one prevails over the other, but for something what in this superficial infectious grime where we live in shakes people's heads in order they start to recognize the other ways to establish values, heal, create and to see. Of course, I know that there are inclusion countries or comprehensions within religions that have been locked, but no one can compete over time. No dictator, orator, or clever guy in the pub is everlasting. What is eternal is the system in which we can fit ourselves and rely on.

What we are born to is considered natural, even though our heads may have been filled up with stupid stuff. Then the environment strengthened the stereotypes and we called it culture. Today, however, this is far from the situation in which the culture originally was rooted. Practically, instead of changing and improving things, we always go back in time to the past and our traditions move farther away from reality. And here I am not criticizing the guarding and taking care of tradition, it is all right. I criticize those who cannot view the world in other ways.

A person is affected by a thousand things. A form, a related experience, a sound, an event, etc. These many external influences can come together in millions of combinations in a person. These combinations create names, languages, musical and artistic approaches. Each one of those is a language. What we speak is a narrative language, but what we communicate by music and art is a sort of feeling, intuition. Maybe some approach establishes bonds that do not fit into the order of creation, that is, unnatural. That would be idol worship or associating companions to God that Islam, but inherently other religions prohibit as well. However, it is also sometimes the case that these means of expression magnify and sensitize a thought which cannot be expressed by a living language. If this makes a sacred thought available to people, why would it be forbidden? And now, please don't send me thousands of hadiths from an age when desert people prayed to every shit where they saw demons. Of course, there was a need for particular regulations to that level.

We are constantly learning that language has evolved through coexistence, work and division of labor as a result of human communication. I accept this statement, but I would like to supplement it. The concepts of a language also contain deductions. At every age man sought to explain his existence and produced words and concepts for that. Creation, life, eternity, etc. words that are not the product of common work, but the results of a deduction or conclusion. So, man has always been thinking, and his thinking was not limited only to his daily livelihood. Moreover, with his artistic means, which evolved alongside linguistic means of expression, he placed an increasing emphasis on depicting ghosts, demons, then going deeper into the spiritual world he wanted to make it more perceivable.

Names have been appeared. Children were given names that symbolized something. Power, cunning, perseverance, etc. These were found in the world of animals. Such names still exist in Africa today. With the advent of deeper spiritual faith, he named his descendants directly or derivatively about formations or people he held as saints. Most of our names are derived names that can be traced back to Germanic, Latin, Arabic, or other roots. However, that can be generally declared: the name of God was used in any culture exclusively to call Him.

After this long deduction, we get to the names of today. Kevin, Jenifer, Diego and a thousand others. God save me to criticize the possibility of choosing a name freely. That's not what I'm talking about. Rather, what is the basis of naming. So far, I've talked about a religion, a cultural tradition, and now I'm talking about a dream. The basis of these names is a dream what roots in soap operas. A dream what comes up in the course of misery and hopelessness, in which Kevin, Jenifer, Diego give a life pattern, destiny, or simply represent beauty that is exemplary. These patterns which were born in dreams result names, language, language reinterpretations. And it's not only a domestic phenomenon. Just as misery is international, so is the dream-image what comes to surface of the misery and it produces words, names. When I spoke in the introduction about a culture that is swampy, outdated (that is, not inherently swamp!), I referred to the rejection, adverse attitude that avoids any other approach that goes beyond the "well-established" traditional point of view. Such an outdated approach formulates criticism on the surface and does not arrive to the discovery and evaluation that would be necessary in our actual time. While communicating from one side about the great achievements and prosperity, at the level of misery another language develops, which is moving away in its meaning from the original, literature one. There are areas where words like household, wedding ring are incomprehensible because there is no concept to which those can be attached. And then I'm not talking about literary terms. At the same time, the recruitment of women for work, advertised by several political parties, in these regions means that the girls have to work as whores to earn money. A few more years and we shall speak a language that sounds one, but will have deep differences regarding the meaning of the words. That is why I am delighted with the earth-shaking cultural confrontations, because at least we reach the point where we begin to be aware of each other. So far, we have made up a zoo impression of everyone else who is not us. Behind the cage, that is a Chinese, Muslim, or Gypsy. Don't imagine that they don't think the same like you!

And one more thing. Until you lock yourself into a world that you feel wide, it is tight in the reality. Do you know what makes it narrow more every day? The misery. Poverty also has logic and regularity. If you analyze too much that you are not the cause of the misery and you have nothing to do with it, one day misery will devour even you. This happens no matter you are innocent or not. And no matter whether you are American, Chinese or Russian. Force and army don’t matter here. You can still feed misery with dream-images today, but once if consciousness comes into the scene, just learn from the fall of the great realms where misery has always won.

Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the End of those before them,- though they were superior to them in strength? Nor is Allah to be frustrated by anything whatever in the heavens or on earth: for He is All-Knowing. All-Powerful. (Quran 35:44)

Remember. Jesus was born into poverty and misery. Open your heart for what Jesus opened his heart.



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