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Fashion which is a deceptive commodity

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Fashion which is a deceptive commodity

2021. március 06. - 18:55


Man, once followed rationality, not fashion. As soon as, however, his consciousness convinced him that he can replace God, rationality was pushed into the background and, guided by some madness, he invented fashion.

Ever, when it was raining, he looked for something to cover himself, to grease himself, or to put on something to keep himself from getting wet through. However, he got to the point where no matter whether it rains or wind blows, if it fits well, he keeps that something on, and even wears sunglasses in the dark. Then he discovered the mirror and trimmed his beard and hair.
Why did he trim these? Because cutting hair and beard do not hurt. If it hurts, he wouldn't trim them. After all, our man only understood from the pain. If he could, he would walk down the street whirling his intestines around his finger while whistling, but since it would hurt, he wouldn’t do that.
Well, I'm wrong. Today, even that little mind has gone and the pain is counted as part of the fashion.
Thus, the once reasonable tribal tattoos that have now lost their expedience have become a painful fashion, creating a peculiar culture of symbolism around them. But we can also mention the piercings, sharpened teeth and polished nails.
What is the fashion in the reality? What pattern is followed by those who are obsessed with that? In short: following those in power.
Longer: since man has lost his expedience, he follows the strength, the power. He wears what those in power put on, follows their patterns, their wordings. He feels instinctively to be secured by doing that. The natives of the Amazon rainforest imitate the animals like jaguars, and anacondas that suggest strength in the wilderness. This is still the case today. Or don’t we remember who wore a goatee, a Lenin cap and quoted from Marx? That time this imitation brought them the survival.
There are templates to follow still today. The vast majority of these templates are tasked for vacuuming all the money out of your pocket, which then goes to where these templates were invented. Then they tell you what the fashion is and you suck. Finally the reasonableness is zero. You put on every shit because you're going to please your sweetheart and want to comply with the general expectations of fashion. You just don't want to comply to the One Who, by your creation, has given natural hair and beard for you, a leg suitable for walking, a hand suitable for work, and makes your heart beating in a way, so if you were not able consciously comprehend good and evil, at least you should feel them.

Does the message conveyed by the filmmaking industry reach you? Usually those make a film about honor, given word who do not have these two qualities. They always compensate their shortcomings with the opposite. And you believe that given word and honor can be expected from them. The opposite is true. Never accept the qualities from those who communicate about themselves to have them! Those who have, do not communicate about them. Have you noticed that in a film like that, a protagonist is free to do everything? He can fly through all the airspaces of the world, destroy a city with impunity, no one will raise a word or make any remark while you’re screened five times if you go from Budapest to Vienna! That is about to form the messiah today, the new fashion.
What is this messianic fashion? To make it clear to you: there are chosen ones over you who are free to do anything and you should tolerate that and shut up. The messiah will come to them; therefore, they represent the values that the messiah expects, and you, motherfucker, close your eyes and be humble.
But I'll tell you what is so tricky in that. In most cultures there is a long-awaited messiah who will come. This is the age of the struggle of the messiahs and, as we know, always the stronger messiah f..cks. There is a messiah in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam where there is a nuanced difference between the Shiite and Sunni messiahs. If you live in Africa or India, you will be blessed by two more chariots full of messianic tortoises, rats and others. And it looks like there is an American messiah, but if there is an American one, then how could it not be a Russian and Chinese, atheistic messiah?
And if he is not called a messiah, there should be a feeling that spreads between people about the state of chosenness! And that needs to be introduced as a fashion. And we, zombies, suck that all.
We imitate the slang and attitude of our messiahs, their norms of behavior and dress dictated by them. And they make a huge profit out of that. You can recognize the today’s messiah-distributors that they demonstrate strength. The one who demonstrates strength is weak and he compensates his weakness with a huge arsenal. If you have not observed the course of history, it is enough to read the book of Allah (SWT), Who will tell you that the destiny of these powers leads them to their destruction and their reward will be eternal suffering.

Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those before them? They were superior to them in strength: they tilled the soil and populated it in greater numbers than these have done: there came to them their apostles with Clear (Signs). (Which they rejected, to their own destruction): It was not Allah Who wronged them, but they wronged their own souls. (Quran 20:9)

In the long run evil in the extreme will be the End of those who do evil; for that they rejected the Signs of Allah, and held them up to ridicule. (Quran 20:10)

The real power is not in the weapons.
The above aya shows that we Muslims will always be thorns in the flesh of those who possess the earthly power. We see and proclaim the passing of every earthly power. Of course, I’m talking about Muslims who know and profess the faith and it’s not about the Top 100 trendy-sheikhs running in the media. Islam shines through these ephemeral powers and its teachings provide a benchmark for earthly alignment, whether we have a sheikh or not, whether we have a “Vatican,” or not. The Quran is eternal and lasting. The real messiah does not come as a result of political demonstrations, but will be sent by Allah (SWT) when no one is counting on him.

Man neglects the One Who would save him from this great turmoil! For there is no other God, no Putin, no Biden, no Hsi Chi-ping, no Narendra Modi, no Arab dictators, no Muslim preachers, only ALLAH and Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all the apostles preaching Monotheism are His prophets. Allah is the One whose final guidance was conveyed by Mohammed (peace be upon him), the illiterate prophet, in order the "fashion” (I'm not talking about a piece of clothing) not to blind us, humans anymore. Amen.




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