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Explainning the cocept of sin with conducting the soul

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Explainning the cocept of sin with conducting the soul

2021. április 06. - 18:46

Choose your path based on your soul-conducting practice. If that holds you back from something, don’t do it. This is how you can keep yourself away from sin. That should work at normal case. Since there are only few normal cases today, maybe that is not the path to recommend.

But what is considered sin? Who defines the concept of sin? Man, or God? Because if it is the man, then sin is just an empty phrase with no logic content. In man’s formulation, an act that is committed by others while harming me is considered a sin, but nothing is considered a sin that I do and may harm others. On this basis, let us rephrase the initial statement: if the law (in human terms) deprives you from the fundamental right to sustain your life, then do not abide by it if you can reconcile that with the principles of your soul-conduction. If you to do that, the real sin will not be committed by you, but by those who force the unenforceable regulation on you and it will eventually turn out that you are not a transgressor but a victim. Others convince you to be guilty in order to have pangs of conscience and as a result they can do cheekily whatever they want. You need to make yourself aware that the boundary between sin and innocence is not always where a human being preaches it. How confused and seemingly meaningless is what I say, isn't it? Let's deduct it.

If you start a company and operate it in accordance with the law, pay taxes, contributions, bank loans, then what remains? If there is so much left that you can live on, can support your family, then there is nothing wrong with the laws and you will not face your soul-conduction. But if, after the deductions, you have no money left to make a living, or even have to claim additional credit, the case of “lawlessness” of the law arises. By this I mean the law that was deliberately enacted to the detriment, or if not, it was intentionally enforced, not revoked, not amended after the adverse effect of the law was proven. If in this case you issue fictitious invoices, do not declare your income to the tax office, you are a fraud under the law, you are considered guilty, even though you just want to survive, you want to provide bread for the family. Then where to look for the real cause of sin? Who is the one committing the sin? The one who violates human laws, or the one who creates that situation? Make no mistake, I am not talking about revenues based solely on fraud, resulting wealth accumulation. The example is about those who engage in real productive, service activities and the more they adhere to regulations, the greater their losses are.

We arrived to the twenty-fourth hour so that we would not lose our Books. I am not thinking of their pages and ornate covers, but of their contents. I mean the Books in which Allah (SWT) has revealed to all peoples, in their languages, in several Scriptures, what sin is, how far the limits of man's free will last and beyond what limit he/she causes harm to another human being or the creation. These contents are under intense attack. Under the title of human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, and other headings, dictates are emerging that have nothing to do with human rights, democracy, and freedom of speech while they run counter to the conceptual definitions in the Books. Because only the interpretations laid down by Allah (SWT) are in accordance with the feelings and intuition encoded in us by Allah, which are the motivators of our soul-conduction.

The world is being disciplined at an intense pace; zombies are being herded into a space where the meaning of words has already been stolen. Your money is running out, no matter what you do, as if you have a thousand extractors installed in your pocket as well. If you don’t line up in a queue where you lower yourself to a level of an intellectual disability and you don't give further guarantees that your intellectual state will be even worse, you will be destroyed. You may not be physically destroyed, but simply the oxygen runs out around you, becoming irrelevant, which is worse than physical destruction.

What led us here? We have been aliened from our internal codes that were aligned with our Books. A crisis of conscience has been created where our internal codes should be linked to human laws laden with millions of errors and not to our Books. Due to the harsh reactions these internal codes must be reprogrammed. If you do not consciously use cyberspace, you are reprogramming yourself by it. From now on, we cannot use a passive voice. Everyone drives themselves into the new space, where nothing is ordinary, not the meaning of words, nor the interpretation of sin.

And now come on! When do you fall into sin and when do you not? Who is the culprit of sin? Are you the one or the one who is manipulating you?

Now everyone expects that the sheikh to announce: Sharia is the solution. It can't happen like that. Of course not! Because it cannot be applied! Sharia is only mentioned in vernacular, a scholar does not say that because the scholar knows that Sharia does not exist in practice so it is not applicable. Sharia is a principle of law that is eternal truth, regardless of space and time. It should be imagined as a virtual cloud. From this cloud, our jurists “suck” the legal principle and referring to that they develop the applied law, i.e., “Fiqh”, which is a function of a given social norm in space and time. So, a glass of water is drained from the endless ocean. Well, here we can commit mistakes, too. We make mistakes because we are human. We do not provide Sharia-based truth, but Fiqh-based law, which does not always coincide with the code that Allah (SWT) has programmed into us.

We Muslims are on the same path of mass "zombization". The practical judgment of sin in our circles doesn't differ than elsewhere. It is in the hands of people who operate within their limits. But there is a theoretical judgment of sin that does not listen to human opinions, does not break, does not bend, it is from God. We need to pass that on to an age where a generation might understand. If this succeeds, the first sentence of the article can be applied: choose your path based on your soulconduction and whatever Allah (SWT) has coded inside you will gain a meaning. That is the Fitra, فطرة

Summary: You can fuck the human-made law and science if it doesn’t all fall under the scope of conscience. Not next to it, but under it. What is the value of the law (let it be Sharia) if the legislative and jurisdiction process is not brought about by the restraints of conscience but by mere interests? Yes, it is also important what the human mind is capable of, but more importantly, what is encoded and brought to the surface from the conscience, which can only be evoked with sufficient soul conduction. This is a long process. These words are strange in an age when conscience has fallen victim to a volley of fire. We've reached the point that we need to learn about it, we need to explain what it is. Giving human patterns, evolving social norms according to these patterns would play a huge role in bringing conscience and the values encoded in us to the surface again…and the conductors of the soul, i.e., spiritual leaders of course.

This work is theoretical in nature. It is not intended to inspire you to confront with human laws. The only goal is how to comprehend them and what to teach your child.


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