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We also have to express our thank to coronavirus

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We also have to express our thank to coronavirus

2020. március 28. - 18:30


If you love someone, you start to discover his/her values and get to know him/her. You realize you can't live without him/her and she/he is just the one you needed. Exactly his/her look, charm and thinking that fills you up every day. You accept his/her criticisms because you feel those are constructive for you.

Then the time comes when you are accustomed to him/her and you make comments. You begin to transform your partner according to your own set of values. Don't leave your glass on the table, don't dye your hair blond, why can't you think a little rationally, etc.! With each comment you force your own qualities, your thinking to the other. There is no question of admiring your partner's values anymore! You shape him/her into your own image. If he/she agrees, he/she will slowly adopt your habits, forms an opinion just as you, his/her attitudes will be similar to yours. Eventually, the person you love disappears and you and your world will be manifested in him/her. When you recognize yourself in him/her, you frighten and involuntarily push him/her away. He/she is no longer exciting, no more worth to discover, but boring. Notice that you're the one whom you see! If you duplicate yourself, facing your own qualities and thinking, you will become so boring and sickening! Instead of retaining the original values in your partner as you loved him/her, arranged him/her to your shape, finally saw yourself in him/her and became disgusted with your own being.

Man is never satisfied the way as he/she is. If nature is beautiful, he/she is not satisfied and he/she has to transform it. Then, after it has been transformed, he/she won't find any more comfort in it. We are not capable of overcoming the domineering ego, and then, when our ego looks in the mirror, it is terrified of itself. I know, in this emergency time, when the coronavirus is testing us, we have to feel sorry and express solidarity. Some people spread conspiracy theories, look for reasons, some others see correlations with biblical sentences. I will not go into these analyzes. Allow me that besides my compassion to express my gratitude to the coronavirus, because without it, we would not pay attention for the re-evaluation of our own lives.

Thanks for seeing in this trauma how small dust particles we are.

We see that we are not what we thought we were before. We are heavily dependent on our environment and the universe.

Now we see the irrational luxury, the abundance of goods, the needless supply we have lived in. We begin to appreciate the freedom and health that we have taken for granted. At last we can stop and see how lost we were in the life what we lived only for business, for profit. We didn't have time for basic things. We can finally put aside the problems we thought were important! At the same time, we see what really matters. Now, when transport and manufacturing has stopped, we see how much we have polluted our world, even though the earth has given us a thousand signs, asking us to stop it! And we haven't listened to it yet! We knew that once affliction will come and we never dared to face it. And now, no matter how, but we have to face it. And we learn how finally to accomplish our struggle in love, in compassion with our community. Finally, we can re-evaluate our lives. We can realize the immense importance of being connected online to each other on earth, even at the individual level. And this connection demands to unify our thoughts and comprehensions.

We have known for a long time that the world must change. Finally, everything we've been so far has stopped and ended up with failure and is forcing us to build a new world on new foundations. Remember! This virus is part of us! It lives between us and inside us. It is strange, but true, that it also creates a connection between us in terms of physical, geographical aspects, and last but not least in the field of common struggle. Finally, we see what God's gift, our immune system means, which we have destroyed with all means. We see that we have a choice. Either we continue to destroy it and condemn ourselves to death, or we protect and strengthen it and ourselves.

Turn back to your partner and hug him/her. Fight your ego and don't transform your partner into your own form. Do the same with your environment, admire creation, fit in it and abandon the values you have pursued so far. In fact, beside the so much sweat and tears, we owe a lot to this period. But this struggle only makes sense if we do not return to our old life.

Come on, let's start! Discover the New World, its values, and learn from what you've done wrong with your partner, your love! God reveals the Signs openly that you need to notice! Those are not meant to reintroduce your ego in order to form the new world according to what you consider "scientific", or as you like to say, "civilized". Because the meaning of these words has already changed. Today, those are just about highlighting yourself and stigmatizing others who are not like you. Don't be as scientific and civilized as you were so far. Simply be a HUMAN!

And say: "Praise be to Allah, Who will soon show you His Signs, so that ye shall know them"; and thy Lord is not unmindful of all that ye do. (Quran 27:93)



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