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Vacancy of soul

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Vacancy of soul

2021. március 05. - 18:55


Body and soul. Beliefs are built on the relationship between the two. More and more non-believers are accepting the existence of these two. We can hear many wonderful principles, but these are all principles, teachings, no one knows the reality for sure, only the blind believer. As we know, the believer knows and the scientist believes.

Therefore, I do not come forward by teaching, but by experience. Everyone can make certain that experience for themselves if invest in it. What to invest? Food. The food of the body is the nutrient, and that of the soul is the knowledge that enriches it. Both can be distracted or manipulated and the body and soul evolve accordingly. There may occur physical malnutrition, which in relation to the soul is depletion, as well as harmful obesity, mental deformity. In each case, we can talk about processes induced by external forces and those that are in your hands alone. But let's not get lost in the details.

The experience is the following. The garment of the soul is the body. The soul hides in it. On the occasion of death, the soul can no longer function in the deteriorating body and leaves it, passing to another dimension. At the lowest level of soul development, the needs of the body override the needs of the soul. Physical desires dominate. When the soul has access to its food, it also begins to develop. If body and soul remain in balance, instinct and consciousness complement each other in a healthy way. I wish there were the majority of people living on this earth who are experiencing this equilibrium!

But there is a degree when the soul transcends the body. There is no need to wait for death, even long before that there are cases when the soul does not find its required environment in the body and lives a separate life. In such cases, one cannot find a place among the others, nor does he realize what they are talking about, because his soul is not fed by those words. Many people think they are depressed, even though they are not.

What could be the reason? The soul may no longer find a partner to engage in discourse with anyone on earth. The medium in which the soul stays becomes strange. In that case with closed eyes in an empty room, there are far more events happening in the brain than when listening the empty chatter of a congregation. That’s when it’s tiring to hear the company. And this is not a criticism of the company! There is simply no balance between spiritual needs.

But there is another case. When life situations, external contents are artificially emptied. As if an invisible hand is blocking the taps and not allowing meaningful content to be accessible for public. We live in an age of emptiness. Here you either retreat and let your soul outgrow the body, or become a zombie and cut your soul back to the size that it reaches the available spiritual food. This is how you become dead in your physical existence.

The production of reduced-content spiritual food is proceeding at a tremendous rate. If you consume it, you transform into what you are engineered to be. Thus, the knowledge of the past is lost. History repeats itself because the present falls into the hands of stupid, harmful people.




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