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Should we make mourning ordinary way or should we give other meaning to our mourning?

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Should we make mourning ordinary way or should we give other meaning to our mourning?

2020. szeptember 30. - 17:53


We spend our whole lives learning how to forget our passing away and if we realize that we cannot avoid it, then how to make it as easy as possible and bearable.

It is only matter of money how much we sacrifice to forget our passing away, for the pleasures, treatment of our diseases what we got due to our well-being, increase of impotence, ingestion of different ingredients, reduction of our pains, surgeries, and funerals. Most industries rely on revitalizing the instincts what make you fear of death and capture you in this world where they can sell you their products and services.
If you think about it, they sell unhappiness.
If you can comprehend that there is not only one world, you will be much happier and it will not cost you anything. Come on, help me to make the industries bankrupted that link you to this world. The concept is very simple. God is not only the Lord of this world but of the Worlds. The Quran says like that all along. There is This World and Afterlife, Visible World and Invisible, Known and Unknown, etc. If you realize that not only the material division exists in which the Earth, Jupiter, Mars and many Galaxies move in their orbits, but there are also Worlds what are mentioned in the Quran, this recognition will take you to another dimension. Indeed, your body links you to the material world due to its material origin. However, your soul is different. It links you to another space. Your soul can live here and there, which is non-material. Soul can live in the Afterlife, the Invisible and the Unknown. All you have to do is to teach your soul and "train" it.

Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception. (Quran 3:185)

The soul will not die; but the death of the body will give a taste of death to the soul when the soul separates from the body. The soul will then know that this life was but a probation. And seeming inequalities will be adjusted finally on the Day of Judgment.

Living in the Unknown World is wonderful. You can get there by immersing yourself in the discovery of this world. As your knowledge grows, more and more gates will open up that you need to enter in order to gain new knowledge. Finally, you see that the number of gates leading to the Unknown is infinite. And you have already reached to the realization what conducts you to the Unknown. Ask a mathematician to define what mathematics means or the biologist what biology means? Surely, they would be uncertain. They wouldn't even know how to get started. Because, as they would begin, new and new aspects would change their definitions. On the other hand, a simple peasant on the field would not have such a problem with definitions. "The science of numbers and living things," he would say. He would not be disturbed by much knowledge. And now I'm just talking about material knowledge. Because, in spiritual knowledge, the peasant might outperform the two scientists.

When one learns to live in Worlds instead of this world, he will realize that he has not lost anyone who have passed away. Death does not exist, only death of the body. There is no passing away, only dimensions are changing. Our parents are alive, our loved ones are with us and we are with them, we just need to learn the form of life to be with them. This is not a strange form of life either in history or in what we call "non-civilized" areas of the world. They can live with their ancestors even after they have been buried them. Their spirits return every day to them and there is not such a mourning in their hearts that makes their death permanent and painful. Those are only our "civilized" and "knowledge-based" societies that explain the Worlds what I have described as the product of ignorance while they have led mankind from happiness to unhappiness, depression. Well, is that good for you?

In fact, let's give work to our departed loved ones. Do not ask them to intercede with the Lord, for it is impossible. They have enough trouble there with their own account. But remember and learn from their earthly actions, thoughts. If they made a mistake, forgive them and you won't do the same again. If they have done good, let them be examples for you. If you summon them, they don’t die in the spiritual sense. You are the one who can keep your dead alive, so give your grief a different meaning. Come on, find the lost Worlds, learn to live and to be happy in them, and make the earthly industries bankrupted! Live 'unscientific' way! And remember!
I know, the question comes whether to remember in cemetery is Haram or Halal? I will not interfere in teachings of the different Imams. It is not my business and I have no right to take decision. For some Muslims is Haram and for others remembering in the graveyard is preferred. If we debate over these subjects, how do we deal with the actual world-wide problems together?
May peace be in our hearts and let’s find the way to Him in these Worlds hands in hands.




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