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People cannot be manipulated by afterlife promises

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People cannot be manipulated by afterlife promises

2020. május 26. - 14:45


I believe in the Afterlife and the Last Judgement, but I do not believe that masses today can be manipulated in the long term with the promise of the Afterlife. Sure, there are groups that can be radicalized and can be driven to commit all kinds of crazy actions due to their decadent social status, their impoverishment, especially when they are externally imposed. But I do not think it is probable that with the promise of Afterlife, people would massively ignore their entire worldly prosperity, as was fully accepted in the Middle Ages. But we can find several examples about that even in the recent days.

Internet works, young people hang on that and the contents of their messages and views are getting closer. Whoever has nothing to say about this world will not be viable. Even secular systems have an interest in maintaining an image of the Afterlife for the masses because it is better for them if people do not demand justice for sinners in this world after they have been looted. It's weird, but we get here. The churches are partners for that. Not Christians and Muslims who will maintain the idealized doctrines of the Afterlife, but our looters! They know our Scriptures better than us. The time will come when all phases of the apocalypse will be played for us while selling us the Armageddon survival packs. We're only going to hear our clown sheikhs supporting the sale.

Materialization is a perfectly normal process, even if we maintain our spiritual world where we sometimes escape as an uninhabited island to refresh and survive. We materialize because there are no significant issues and emblematic personalities. There is nothing and nobody deserving sacrifice. There are no significant leaders and the present ones have no amazing concepts. There are just exciting issues which are blown up with communication that pop up prematurely. On the negative side, due to the many scams, trust has been lost, people have become tired, turned inward, and they deal with their own problems. Meanwhile, social problems are accumulating. I am not going to list them up. Plenty.

If Allah has a plan, and He always has, then in such a period of time all that He has taught us in economic, social terms could come in handy. Of course, that was long time ago. Our orators of today make us remember that period then they say Allahu Akbar, however they have no secular knowledge, no economic or other qualifications.
I do not see hope in them, but in our children and those who have not yet been born. We are a generation with prejudices and we will die with our prejudices anyway. I hope our children and grandchildren no longer see the color of skin and affiliation, but will reconcile their thoughts. When I was young I did not go to a mosque to learn Arabic, but I went out with my Arab friends to have a fun. In these places, it turned out that the same thing was causing joy and happiness for us. That's how language, then culture, and finally religion stuck to me. It was not a sacred life that led me to the book of Allah, but an easy life! I have never been a saint, nor am I, nor will I be.

If there is no issue, if there is no leader whom I can support, why am I here and why am I writing? I'm here for you, for the reader, for the common man. You are the pledge of the future; you are launching the next generation and you will have grandchildren. It is a pleasure for me to give you something to read daily. I cannot speak to leaders because with very few exceptions, they came to power through the deception of masses (communication) or the exertion of pressure, thus not following the rules of Allah. Teaching at this level is useless. The law of money over the assets and not the law of Allah over money keeps them in power. I do not speak to churches either, because they are the children of power. Collapsing institutions where millennial lies still keep their structure together, but it is getting harder for them to come up with new, credible teachings. Of course, there are always conscientious, honest priests, church figures.
Once everything gets old, becomes boring, like a lasting power that cannot renew itself. When I feel that I am not able to fulfill this mission, I will finish it, too.

There are also positive trends. The Islamic world is investing heavily in establishing new universities, developing educational and research institutions. There will be a sharp change of generation with a quality leap. The new generation can no longer be fed with all stupidity. A matter of time and our highly educated Europe will be part of the world's cultural heritage, because it's worldview still follows a Lehar operetta rather than reality. And I do not see the future of Central and Eastern Europe. Poverty, flow of lies, and only for few are given the chance for quality education. Children are starving on mass level, they have limited physical and cerebral abilities, and this is not due to their genetic capabilities but to the result of misery. Socializing massively in this situation means carrying a timed bomb with us. And no one is paying attention about that. Now let's compare our vision on future with those whom we look down with our supremacy and humiliate in the Middle East. Do not concentrate on "migrants", but on those whom are invested and trained in large numbers. They will have the future and the crowds in their hands. The crowds then will be led by institutions of professionalism and not by “democracy”. The question is: what Islamic teaching will the new generation follow? I'm not thinking about preaches going on in mosques because I don't see a change there. At the level of educated people, it is important what attitude will be followed regarding the system of acquisition and distribution, the operation of money, and what role will get the order of divine legitimacy in the law-making processes and justice. That's the point.
They need contemporary interpretations of Sunnah, Sharia, Earthly and Afterlife images without flying angels and other bullshit. You will misunderstand me again. I do not deny the existence of angels merely I am not partner in their middle or ancient portrayal. So, the subject of today is the Afterlife, what we don't know. The only thing we know about it, what Allah (SWT) teaches us. But this Afterlife is not only a promised future after the injustices that have been experienced during the life, but is linked to the possibility of the worldly prosperity. Behold:
Nekik kell kornak megfelelően értelmezhető Szunna, Sharia, Evilág és Túlvilágkép repkedő angyalkák és más baromságok nélkül. Megint félre fogsz érteni. Nem tagadom meg az angyalok létezését, csupán azok közép, vagy ókori leképezésében nem vagyok partner.
Mai téma tehát a Túlvilág, ami nem tudjuk milyen, csak annyit, amennyit Allah (SWT) tudat velünk.
Viszont ez a Túlvilág nem csupán egy beígért jövő az itt megélt igazságtalanságok után, hanem össze van kötve az evilági boldogulás lehetőségével. Íme:

"But seek, with the (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on thee, the Home of the Hereafter, nor forget thy portion in this world: but do thou good, as Allah has been good to thee, and seek not (occasions for) mischief in the land: for Allah loves not those who do mischief." (Quran 28:77)

That is, 'spend your wealth in charity and good works. It is Allah Who has given it to you, and you should spend it in Allah's cause. Nor should you forget the legitimate needs of this life, as misers do, and most people become misers who think too exclusively of their wealth'.

Zayd ibn Thabit reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever makes the world his most important matter, Allah will confound his affairs and make poverty appear before his eyes and he will not get anything from the world but what has been decreed for him. Whoever makes the Hereafter his most important matter, Allah will settle his affairs and make him content in his heart and the world will come to him although he does not want it.”

Source: Sunan Ibn Mājah 4105
Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani

In this promised Afterlife is included your worldly prosperity that Allah will provide you if you are determined. How does Allah provide this? There are His laws and regulations! By following and enforcing them! Well? Are those not being respected? Then make sure that those are respected! If nothing else, teach and bring them to light. Especially for the offspring generation. Don’t be stuck only by shouting Allahu Akbar! This is your task and it is the pledge of your Afterlife! No one will do miracle for you for nothing, not even Allah!

“Our train is heading towards death and we are worried about life”



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