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Niggard with others, generous with himself. Such is the man

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Niggard with others, generous with himself. Such is the man

2020. augusztus 04. - 19:05


The following verse gives answer what man would do if he could replace God and have the storehouse and power of His grace:

Say: "If ye had control of the Treasures of the Mercy of my Lord, behold, ye would keep them back, for fear of spending them: for man is (every) niggardly!" (Quran 17:100)

A fresh argument is now addressed to those who would confine Allah's revelations to a limited circle of men, such as they themselves belonged to. A particular race, or caste, or a particular kind of culture, claims to be the custodian of Allah's Message, whereas it is universal. Allah's Mercy is universal, and He scatters the priceless Treasures of His Mercy broadcast among His creatures. They are not exhausted by spending. It is only the misers who hoard their wealth for fear it should be used up by spending. 'Are you spiritual misers going to keep back Allah's holy Message from the multitude? Is that the reason why you deny the advent of the new Teacher, who comes as a Mercy to all men-to all Creation?'

The verse does not contain only spiritual message. In material space we also hold back what we have. Even though we have more than others, we do not realize that it is not ours that we receive. It's just a deposit. If we have more than enough, God puts in our hand the obligation to care for others. I wrote obligation and not opportunity. But man is different. Money, wealth, desire for posession generate instincts. Animals also have instincts, but those work within the orbit prescribed by Allah. An animal catches what it needs to make its living on a daily basis. It takes no more from nature than is enough to its sustenance. Man is different. Due to his free will transgresses these boundaries and accumulates. Man overthrows the proportions. He does so with everything he touches. Yet, we came with nothing and go with nothing. It is only the earthly existence that disturbs our brains.

This is the case also with the truth. That's how we treat it, too. Sometimes it makes me smile when I read comments where people dispute who's right? Who doesn't fuck it? Leave this stupid thing! Understand that no one is right! You only have a sense of justice, which is false! If you observe your life a little longer term, you will see later that old truths become obsolete and new ones replace them. And if you expropriate the truth, the result will be the same as the expropriation of the material world. You give it to yourself, to others you just drip it. There is no truth on earth. There is a right on earth that is produced by humans. Because we are all human beings, the right created by the majority is our right and it has to be respected, whether we are Muslims or not. But we must know that what we have produced is not the truth! It is right! Although the institution that works with it is called service of justice, it is in fact a service of right, and due to its imperfection, it is in constant change because must follow the ever-changing space in which is operated. And there is something else to follow: the will of existing power and the character of those who are above the law. Because we are human!

You and I are zombies, let's face it. We're zombies because we think we see, understand, comprehend everything, but we're actually fooled. We are subjects to the law created for zombies. This is what regulates our lives, our days, and this opens chance for every lawyer, who “defend us” to earn abundant amount of money even in cases where to enforce the law is impossible. Why? Because it is structured in such a way that two of three laws strike each other, so by following the law you become a criminal and need protection. Zombies live in such a trap.

Some are above the law. They are not subject to these regulations. It is up to their own or their institution's strength to decide what they can do. Moving on, we reach the level of superpowers, who are not subject to any right. They act solely according to their power of their army or money. Of course, you can say that there is international law! And who create that? For whose benefit it was laid down! Yeah, and the UN? I ask the same question: who maintains it? Who pays the highest percentage of the fees? And whatever decisions it make, who follows them?

I was in jail several times in Africa. Usually I always knew the reason. They closed me, they got money and let me go. That was the right there. There was one time when I didn't know why I was locked up and why I was released. Later I discovered some serious reasons, but those were related not with facts but with interests. Obviously not my interests were concerned.

So, it is how things work if one is living on earth with free will, controlled by instincts. If anything violates your sense of justice, remember the above verse. Sure, you will not calm down, but at least you may find an explanation of whom you live with and in which direction you would change if you were to deal the cards. None of us are different.

You are a zombie at home while Orban is not a zombie. In the international arena, Trump and Putin are not zombies and Orban is a zombie. It could go on, but eventually everyone gets to the level where we are all zombies and only Allah (SWT) is the only One Who is not a zombie. There you go! Here is the eternal truth and justice, which is no longer right!



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