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Let the numbers speak!

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Let the numbers speak!

2021. március 02. - 18:38


Let's look at the numbers. Let’s check how external forces, or their proxies, influence Islamic countries.

The table below is based on data provided by Wikipedia. https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orsz%C3%A1gok_GDP_szerinti_list%C3%A1ja_(nomin%C3%A1lis)
The evaluation of each country takes place in terms of the GDP they produce and their population.

*By influence we mean the activity of superpowers or their proxy that has an impact on the life of a country. There are countries or groups of countries that are affected by more than one influencing powers at the same time.
MB: Muslim Brotherhood
A: USA (that can mean also Saudi Arabia or other proxi)
R: Russia (that can mean also Iran or other proxi)
T: Turkey
C: China

So far, the basic table. As can be seen, among the countries there are Islamic countries where the population is mixed but the proportion of Muslims is dominant, so the total of 1,693 million people is not the number of the Muslim population.
Based on this, here is the summary table:

As there are more than one influencer within several countries, the values here are cumulative. GDP generated on earth was $ 84,929 billion based on 2018 data. Of that, the GDP in EU was 18,737 (billion). The GDP of Muslim and predominantly Muslim countries is 6.708 billion.
What do the numbers show?

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood is currently the most effective Islamic organization. Its activities affect directly or indirectly $ 3.926 billion and the lives of 1,108 people in the Islamic world. Its method of infiltration and integration into economically dominant areas is effective even if it is declared in some countries as a terrorist organization. It is also clear why it is declared a terrorist organization. Not because it is, but because it has an impact on significant resources and populations. True, today that is also considered a terrorist activity.
  2. US and its proxi countries like Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries (excluding Qatar), are currently the second most influential factor on Muslim GDP and population. They have some impact on $ 2.868 billion and 745 million lives within the Islamic population. But this second place is fragile. That is why they are apparently striving for modernization and financial co-operation with their allies who have impact on the world's financial processes. This can even result an isolation within the Arab and Islamic world. In addition to softening as far as ideology is concerned, they are characterized by strong militarization. Obviously, this is in line with the interests of the monetary authorities.
  3. The development trend of Russian interests and the activities of its proxies, Iran and Syria is growing intensively. They can only achieve this increase to the detriment of other influencers. This is where conflicts such as Iran-Saudi and the crisis zones, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and the Islamic State arise, where militias fighting each other have virtually nothing to do with each other, waging war on behalf of their clients. So, the so-called “terrorist and military organizations inflated by the media, are at the bottom of the hierarchy, are only the proxies of proxies.
  4. Erdogan’s Turkey shows elements of the Muslim Brotherhood together with the restoration of the Ottoman Empire. There are many collaborations with the Muslim Brotherhood, but Turkish interests, such as the Mediterranean gas, oil and gas transport routes, the Kurdish issue, Turkish territorial interests within Syria, override everything else. Turkey in some areas collaborates with the USA, in others with Russia and their proxies. In the case of Libya, for example, it is clearly a competitor of Russia, and stands even on the opposite military side, but a partner in other matters.
  5. China's figures in the table are not authoritative. Economically, China exceeds these values by orders of magnitude. As China has so far not expressed relations with Islamic organizations outside its country, it has so far had no influence on Islamic movements and thinking. The indicated 40 billion is almost nothing, but it is a good indication that approx. to that extent China is currently intervening in ideological issues. It is inevitable that China remains without changes on that field. Its GDP is currently 13,369 billion. The same change of strategy applies to India. Both powers aggressively occupy spaces in Islamic countries and it is only a matter of time they exert their own influence in the shadow of the proxy organizations of the previously mentioned powers and they will grow on their heads.
  6. One domestic remark: there is no interest by any side in Hungary with a GDP of 161 billion (0.8% of EU GDP!) where the population is 9-10 million. This is a place of small value, from which no source can be pumped out, nor is it suitable for ideological influence or recruitment. Therefore, the role of the border castle and the migrant policy based on it are completely unfounded. Only migrants who are thrown out by the West because they cannot be used for anything are expected to come here.
  7. Well, in this situation, Islam cannot participate with classical teaching. In my previous articles, I have given an idea of what local interpretations destroy and tear apart faith and make it an instrument of Satan.

That will come to end. Allah crosses out the calculations of the evil forces. It has been so before; it will be so now.




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