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I have the secret service on me! What to do?

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I have the secret service on me! What to do?

2021. április 11. - 18:21


Many people live their lives in fears as if they shit in their panties.

It stems from the system they live in, the family environment, and the communication, which suggests that they are constantly under the surveillance of the following gaze of a Big Brother. Plus, what happens to you confirms the truth of it all! Then you see horrors everywhere, you suspect a conspiracy against you, and you embark on a trajectory where you transform yourself. If you really have observers - and why not -, that is exactly what they want. There is no need any more to take you to interrogation, it's not necessary to conduct electricity to your genitals (viva Hollywood). On your own you reprogram your innermost truth, thinking, and break away from your original self, who educated yourself, read books and had an opinion. You chase yourself into a paranoid situation where you live in a constant compulsion to comply. And whom do you want to comply to? To an obsession, in the formation of which the services and communication really have a role, but the operational work is done by you! From the outside, only the whisper is coming. This whisper induces in you the compulsion to throw away the book, the literacy, the logic in order to sink down to a level where everything can be “centrally” fed into your brain. See what the Quran writes about that whisper:

Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind, (Quran 114:1)

Here the need of protection from internal factors, mankind being viewed as a whole, is pointed out.

The King (or Ruler) of Mankind, (Quran 114:2)

The God (for judge) of Mankind,- (Quran 114:3)

From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper),- (Quran 114:4)

Evil insinuates itself in all sorts of insidious ways from within so as to sap man's will, which was given to man by Allah. This power of evil may be Satan, or evil men or the evil inclinations within man's own will: for there are "evil ones among men and Jinns, inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception" (6: 112). They secretly whisper evil and then withdraw, to make their net the more subtle and alluring.

(The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,- (Quran 114:5)

Among Jinns and among men. (Quran 114:6)

This last clause amplifies the description of the sources from which the whisper of evil may emanate: they may be men whom you may see or invisible spirits of evil working within. So long as we put ourselves in Allah's protection, and trust in Allah, evil cannot really touch us in our essential and inner life.

There aren't many spies and observers today. Why they should be there when you report yourself a hundred times a day online. Today, there are profilers, analysts, who analyze the sample you give about yourself. This is compared to your bank account data, the data traffic of your mobile, relocations, travels and a much more accurate picture of you is formed than if five informers were writing a subjective report about you. And what if they're on you? That's their job. You give them the occupation! You provide so much information about yourself that the poor fellows can’t even process it! I don't think that's a problem how it turned out. Perhaps in the long run, this will also contribute to a more disciplined user behavior.

You’re also terrified by what you say and how you say it. You even use a code-language in private conversations. It is true that there are words that, when uttered, an automatic eavesdropping is connected to the conversation, e.g., Allah Akbar, bomb, etc., but the work of Gordon Welchman (1906-1985), a genius British-American mathematician, laid down the foundation for meta-data analysis, which brought a reform in the methodology of intelligence services. Based on that, the point is not primarily the speech, as in many cases it can also have a false content, but between whom the contact is established and with what frequency. That's the point. Whatever you say, it doesn’t matter as much as whom you talk to and how many times. So, that you don't have to be scared. Sure, you never know when they’re on you, so if you notice something, it’s the neighbor or someone other than the secret service.

I did not describe all that in order to reveal the work of the services, as it is not a secret. It is also covered in documentaries and public literatures. My goal is to make you aware of whom and how often you are in contact? If based on that you look at your own companions and the time wasted to them, you’ll realize how many empty characters surround you, most of whom are whispering into your heart and thus induce the same as the algorithms that manipulate you. You'll be addicted to them, spend more time even more often with them, and eventually they reprogram you. That process will only fail if you remain the same individual who read, educate yourself as much as you used to do it.

As for the connection between the two endpoints, one be you, the other Allah (SWT) and no one will be plugged on you, no matter how often this contact takes place. If you do that, you will have no reason to shit in your panties because your Big Brother will be Allah alone (SWT). You are important to Him! He deals with you personally! There is only a machine on the other side and you are not important to it. So, don't be scared. Subhanallah! How fantastic is the Quran, isn't it?




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