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Blessing, i.e. baraka

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Blessing, i.e. baraka

2020. május 24. - 13:16


Grace, clemency, blessing… our existing words, but we no longer use them. There is no concept that those can cover.

And what a simple word: blessing. It has been slowly worn out of the language. The word lives in letters, but the point behind it is just dying.

Do you remember the days? Our money wasn’t worth that much, but we were able to sit for a coffee with a buddy and we talked for hours without a “deal” bringing us together. We inquired about each other full heartedly, but in need we helped and if it was needed others helped us. In those days, in addition to going through a lot of difficulties, there was something else, something more, that gave us a charge that we can’t put in words because the word, blessing, in terms of content, disappeared from the language. No matter today we have more, but in vain we have many devices for our convenience, in vain there is no need to cut the wood, no need to carry water from the well, no need to go to the store, just a push on a button in the net and the goods come to the house, but there is missing something that would charge us with contentment. The blessing is lost. Perhaps we can recall our historical readings that included a picture of people kneeling down just to be blessed by someone. It may mean nothing today, but then it gave those people contentment, reassurance. It filled their hearts. In that age if someone was killed, their body was killed. Today it is a crime. It is not a sin, but a crime, because we do not use the word sin either, as it is not a legal category. Today, the body must be kept safely, but the soul can be killed with impunity. This is not a crime. Are we still using the word soul? I don't even know, since that doesn't cover anything anymore either.

We know from our teachings, when we are formed in the womb of our mothers, Allah (SWT) breathes a soul into us and we come to the world with that spirit. Well, the trace of His hand, His spirit, is not only in us, but everywhere in the creation. There is a blessing in what He has created.
Call it charge, vibration, energy, radiation, anything. The point is that in a place where no one has yet set a foot, you can feel a soul-warming reassurance. When people start settling in, that feeling sticks to them. Elusive, inexplicable, but it works! Why? For Allah has the blessing on everything and it passes on to man if they use this blessing according to the will of Allah.

But We delivered him and (his nephew) Lut (and directed them) to the land which We have blessed for the nations. (Quran 21:71)

Then time comes when man becomes dishonest. As they exhaust the blessings of creation, their blessing automatically departs from them together with the soul breathed into them. They become unblessed. They make themselves that.

If the people of the towns had but believed and feared Allah, We should indeed have opened out to them (All kinds of) blessings from heaven and earth; but they rejected (the truth), and We brought them to book for their misdeeds. (Quran 7:96)

Sour faces walk around everywhere and everyone’s hands there are mobile phones. Impossible to talk to anyone because that shit is ringing, a messenger message is coming and everything needs to be answered immediately. But what is the answer? Abbreviated word fragments, English words incorrectly, stuff like that. If he/she ends the phone call, we no longer know where we stopped, but there are no more questions, as it is unnecessary to get an answer. That shit is going to ring again anyway. But we had a good chat! Meanwhile, we don’t notice the sky, the trees, the rivers, it’s true, their shores are covered with empty plastic bottles.

I understand the old people in my childhood, how they were annoyed at the loss of their own past.
They could live in an even more blessed world than mine in their youth, even though their physical existence was much more difficult. And if I look at the generations that follow us, I can’t even comprehend what does the word happiness mean to them? I don't even raise the word blessing.
What gives them satisfaction, fulfillment? Maybe there is something, I just don't understand what is that?

Why was my grandmother's cook tasty so much at that time? Flavors, spices, harmony and suddenly everything came together. She never cooked by recipe. There was something in her hand that made everything so special! Her memory led me to understand: Allah, too, with this loving pleasure could bring together a creation that contains something that is elusive! I take this as a blessing that we can enjoy if we have still a sense organ that has not yet dried up, is not numbed.

Lost things cannot be made up. I'm getting into myself. I offer a supplication and ask the blessing of Allah on my children, beloved ones and on all of you. It’s a small blessing, it can’t make up for the many wasted and lost blessings that could make our land livable, but maybe it will give you a few seconds of something I can’t articulate, since it’s lost, but maybe you feel it because it’s good. Baraka!



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