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And protect us from the saviors, Amen

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And protect us from the saviors, Amen

2020. február 20. - 18:59


There has been a lot of talk about keeping people in poverty, but what is it?

An African citizen, if he has ten dollars, he is in a positive range. If those ten dollars run out and fall to zero, then he will have nothing left and dies of starvation. Of course, instead of ten dollars, we can imagine food that keeps him alive. The bottom line is that his whole life is in the positive range. A Hungarian citizen is constantly bombarded with checks. There is no week, but at least two weeks, when no payment is due. We're never in the positive range because we'd just come up to zero then something would throw us back to minus hundred thousand. If you have a bank account, it will be deducted from you, if you do not have it, you will pay in cash and you will not be able to leave your residence because the bailiff will take away your apartment. You live in a constant negative range and are subject to a perpetual bond to your location just by modern methods. Perpetual bond to location was criticized about feudalism originally. You are a prisoner with a constant payment obligation. It's a constant pressure on you. Do you wonder if you are depressed? And one bad thing attrats the other. Family problems, job, payment and the potty falls on you. This is a situation that you do not create, you are just the object. Do you understand why an African man can play drumming and dancing, even when he has nothing at all? And you are becoming more and more sour and nothing to enjoy, even if there is bread on the table. Because that bread is already a negative bread under your consciousness that does not nourish but consumes you. The system is gradually crashing you down, while banks are offering even more "lucrative" loans, soap operas, movie series display an artificial welfare, adverts promote consumer products in every five minutes while everything is convincing that you live beautifully. Meanwhile, you lose wealth and it becomes an unspoken fact: you live in poverty. You are not alone; you are getting into this fate in masse. Come on, where did I go wrong, you ask yourself? Why did your family leave you and why your human relationship has changed? Because you're trapped.

If you look at it historically, the greatest sin we have committed, the priesthood, or whatever you call us. We have taught you to believe not in God, but in us. That's why we get to hell, that's for sure. From here it is only a step that the belief in man has been taken over from priests by politicians who are the servants of the financial hyenas. Behold, the circle closes and you believe them, you vote, and in every four years you allow a predator to catch and devour you. No matter who you vote for. One plunders you from the right and the other one from the left. Where did you go wrong? With your gullibility! With your mass gullibility! The gullibility, what was a mean in order to give your life for a cross, a crescent, even though God wasn't in the cross and the crescent. The cross and crescent were created to cover God and teach you to hate.

Even today, this hatred is still alive. Your manipulators are forced to do this because if there was no hatred that distracts your attention, you would find out what the causes of your destiny come from and you turn against the responsible. That's why they find for you anything to be hated in every moment.

You need to get to the point where gullibility is not to be confused with faith. In faith there is no other man out of you. If you recognize this, you'll also know where you've been deceived so far. Virtually everywhere, you can sense. If you are also aware that not your neighbor, or another similarly looted fellow man of whatever identity is responsible for your situation, you are on the right way to change that situation. Hurry up, because when your consciousness disappears and you become an animal, you cannot escape out of the situation without confrontation. Because the state of misery will turn humans into animal fate. Just look around, there are examples. Animal fate is even more manipulative than keeping you in misery. First step: learn to smile for anyone who comes across. If you have the time, talk and notice that you have a lot of companions suffering in the same destiny. Do not draw a line between identities.

You have no practice in freedom. Since you can't imagine what freedom is like, it's hard to explain. If the hatred what is being generated by the latent nationalism within you, I use that too, maybe we get closer. If we came here as native Hungarians on galloping horses, you might as well get on such a galloping horse and don't worry about anything. With modern word-image I can only express that you should learn to shit on the outside world, which leaves you shit. Even though you smile, it's a science! Until you don't do this, you will worry a lot. And one more thing:

In Africa, in an epidemic-stricken area, I have experienced that the population has caught the disease and many have died. Those arriving to rescue them never got infected. It is only possible that they knew exactly what the disease was and knew its counter code, its serum. Then I realized that modern saviors can only save you if they know exactly what they have to save from. So, they are the creators of the trouble. Consequently, you discover evil by hearing the call of your savior.

Envy is the desire for someone who has a blessing to be deprived of it whether it is a religious or worldly blessing. (Imam Malik)

Don't let anyone take away your blessing.



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